Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, I’m Janice Jernigan.

I guide those willing to explore within – embrace their true brilliance –
to cultivate and innovate a life that’s uniquely them.  

In both my personal and professional life, I am a
Change Transformation Visionary and Strategist

It’s at the core of my being, joined and complemented by being an Illuminator of Possibilities and a Catalyst for Connectedness.

When combined, these feel like superpowers and are absolutely magical. 

When we see more possibilities, we become more connected. 

When we are more connected, we see more possibilities.

My specialty is offering an accelerated and intentional approach for those truly committed to fully accessing and embodying their Inner Trailblazer.




So, what exactly is transformation? A change in a fundamental,
often hidden, belief.

Transformation always involves growth, yet not all growth is transformational. Some growth is gradual or incremental. 

A true transformation quickly becomes evident as it drives a change in behaviors and actions, which leads to a change in results.  

Each one of us is on the journey of life…

An essential tool for making the most of our journey is to tell our story.

We all have many stories worth sharing. 

While our stories and experiences are distinctly different, I believe that we can often relate to – and likely see ourselves – in each other’s stories.

With that in mind, here are a couple of my stories:

My Personal Journey

My Corporate Journey

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