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I deepen connections within, with nature and each other.

Hi, I’m Janice Jernigan, a best-selling author, guide and inner trailblazer. 

In my memoir, Opening Up to Grief, I share my journey with loss and love, growing up with grief as a surviving sibling since the age of three, and my path to hope and healing. 

I help surviving siblings – and others who feel stuck in their grief – feel seen and acknowledged, gain insight into their own personal journey, and spark a level of healing that is truly transformative. 

Through my lived experience, decades of leading change for one of America’s largest privately held companies, and Inner Trailblazer, my business and way of life, I guide those traversing crossroads and turning points along life’s journey. 

To be an ‘inner trailblazer’ is to be willing to ‘go there’ – into the deepest parts of ourselves – to learn, heal, and grow fully into who we are meant to be in the world. 

Ready to find and embrace your inner trailblazer? 

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