My Corporate Journey

Janice Jernigan

Change Transformation Visionary & Strategist

Here’s a story about my professional journey to becoming who I am today.

During my early career in the “corporate world,” I worked for a variety of companies – from large, multi-billion dollar businesses to a company on the brink of shutting its doors – from a union shop to a small, family owned business. 

For 20-plus years, I worked for one company, holding positions of increasing scope and responsibilities within the Accounting, Customer Care Operations, and end-to-end Customer Experience organizations. 

Wherever I went, I quickly became known for initiating culturally transformative programs that changed behaviors – for individuals, leaders, and across organizations.

In one of my earliest roles, leading a large team in transition, I realized the importance of coaching and mentoring and the positive impact it can have for all involved. From that point on, I made it a priority to
coach and mentor others
, both within and beyond the company – from high schoolers and college students to colleagues and high-level executives. 

I consistently pursued growth and development – for myself and others – and took full advantage of opportunities to learn from incredible leaders.  Along the way, I became a highly-esteemed practitioner and gained formal certifications in change leadership, design thinking, personal branding, effective facilitation and individual and team assessments.

As one of the top 3% of leaders within the company of over 20,000 employees, I was often sought out for my leadership and expertise. This positioned me to lead numerous team sessions within different companies and organizations, focused on sharing my knowledge around personal and career development, as well as using my talents to quickly get to the heart of team dynamics.

My unique style of leadership earned me accolades from top senior leaders,
an industry award for mentoring,
and recognition for cultivating win-win relationships.

Through bridging diverse perspectives and creating deeply-rooted personal connections, I lead teams to achieve outcomes that were highly coveted beyond the industry.

Most importantly, my corporate experience further equipped me to guide others who are committed to finding and embracing their Inner Trailblazer.

And, I am accelerating progress towards the world I envision.

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