Maximize Team Dynamics

to Achieve Phenomenal Results

Are you leading a new team?

A dysfunctional team?

Or, perhaps, a high-performing team?

While each of these scenarios has different dynamics –
or undercurrents – that influence its level of success,
every team has opportunities for growth.

This can range from improving clarity and communication, to engaging in more constructive discord, to driving greater goal achievement.

This program is offered to intact groups or teams within a company or organization; it is highly customized based on the leader’s input and other factors.

What to Expect:

This process, crafted through years of experience, includes a trusted approach – used by highly-regarded leaders, top-ranked educators, and championship-winning sports teams.

The Small Group Retreat Day delivers insights about each team member’s distinctive strengths and motivators, and how these form a mosaic of the team’s dynamics.

The overarching focus is how to integrate learnings to create sustainable individual and team growth.

What You Will Gain:

  • An increased level of self-awareness for how you influence and contribute to team dynamics
  • Mutual understanding for the uniqueness of the collective team, as well as its individual members, which strengthens the foundation for higher employee engagement and an overall improvement in employee experience
  • Tangible actions you can take to propel you and your team into a new realm of achievement with long-term sustainment

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