My Why

Are you wondering what makes me committed, at my core, to help others find their Inner Trailblazer?

Here’s My Why:

To create a world where we experience deep, wholehearted love for ourselves, for nature, and for each other.

I define deep as in there’s no turning back, and wholehearted means there’s no holding back. I believe God is Love, and we are made in God’s image. God has many names, the one I most often prefer is Spirit.

When we are learning to love in this way, it starts with ourselves, extends to nature – who loves unconditionally, then to each other.

Each of us is at a different place on life’s journey to fulfill our distinctive Spirit-given “Why”.

To bring the world closer to this reality, I get to leverage my innate strengths and do what I love each and every day:

Be an Illuminator of Possibilities and a Crusader for Connectedness.

When combined, these feel like superpowers and are absolutely magical.

When we see more possibilities, we become more connected. When we are more connected, we see more possibilities.

I am ready to help you find your Inner Trailblazer. Are you ready to find her? If so, let’s connect.

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