My Personal Journey

Janice Jernigan

Change Transformation Visionary & Strategist

Here’s a personal story about my journey to becoming who I am today.

While my Inner Trailblazer has always been a part of me, there was a time when she was buried so deep that I did not realize she was there. 

I was not aware that she even existed, much less who she was or where to look for her. 

For years, I had been going, going, going – staying busy with work, with relationships, and with life in general. 

I was overwhelmed, lost in a sea of busyness, feeling like I could never get enough done. 

Can you relate?

Where does this lead? 

You lose sight of who you truly are. 

You spin and spin without making progress on your own goals. 

You feel like you are living in a haze, going through the motions, checking things off a never-ending task list, while missing out on fully experiencing the vibrancy of life.

How do I know? 

Because this was a description of me.

I know what it’s like to have well-crafted plans for your future that seemingly get shattered. 

I also know what it’s like to realize that you are being called to dream even bigger.  

While my life was far from bleak – I had meaningful conversations, and wonderfully energizing days sprinkled throughout – my heart was yearning for more. 

I asked myself…

                                   “What now?”

Ah, the power of the pause

Here’s how the dictionary defines a pause: to briefly interrupt action – to take a breath, rest, breathing space. 

I view a pause as all of these, as well as a time for reflection, a time to look inward. 

Couldn’t we all use a pause? 

While pauses can be different lengths, I have found two types of pauses to be instrumental in my quest to find and embrace my Inner Trailblazer.

The Forced Pause

A forced pause is one that is not our choice. It can be anything that stops you in your tracks and gets your attention. 

For me, these have included the loss of someone I dearly love, health issues – ranging from a common cold to recovering from surgery, ending a toxic relationship, even having a string of sleepless nights. 

While these may or may not lead us closer to our Inner Trailblazer, they often create a ripe environment for getting acquainted with her.

The Chosen Pause

A chosen pause is one where we get to choose the timing and the environment in which we take it. 

Sounds delightful, right? It is. 

For me, these have ranged from taking a few minutes to appreciate the nature in my backyard, immersing myself in something I love to do, engaging in a moment of gratitude, and going on a peaceful weekend hike in the woods. 

I have also spent time on retreats, connecting with and learning from others who see the value of chosen pauses.

Three Disruptions

The best chosen pauses involve three disruptions. A disruption in our daily patterns, environment, and most of all, internal chatter. 

My Signature Programs are designed around these disruptions. 

When we break out of our routines, even for a short burst of time, it can help us to heighten our awareness, stimulate our imagination, and be more receptive to exploring new ways of being in the world.

The Path that Lead Me Here

It was a chosen pause where I decided to fully embrace my Inner Trailblazer and help others to find and embrace theirs. 

During an intense and pivotal time in my life and career, I chose to take a moderate hike beyond the outer limits of my comfort zone, spent hours alone in my thoughts while immersed in nature, and with a trusted human being who is comfortable with silence. 

It was life changing. 

While there, I was reminded that fully living your life requires taking risks – or, expressed differently, having the courage to listen to your
Inner Trailblazer. 

This experience gave me the jumpstart needed to take the next step in my life’s journey that fully leverages my strengths and feeds my soul each day.

Every one of us is at a different place on the journey. 

Am I done with my journey? Not even close – I am growing and learning every day. 

Over the years, I have frequently sought opportunities to journey deep within and do the strenuous inner work. 

Other times, challenges and seemingly insurmountable issues have found their way to me. These have helped to expand my empathy and become a more grounded person. 

As I gain new understandings, it fuels my commitment to learn more. 

This gives me the knowledge, tools and experience needed to guide others who are committed to doing what it takes to find and embrace their Inner Trailblazer.


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