Personal Retreat Day

A Personal Retreat Day is a 5-hour, one-on-one session that is
focused entirely on you

Signature Programs

Breakthrough! What Holds You Back

Be the Guru of You

Lessons from Nature: Grapevines & Life

Why 1 on 1?

It’s all about you.

There are fewer distractions, which clears the way to
focus more and dig deeper on what’s truly important.

And to be seen, wholly and fully,
by another human being.

We experience things differently when we are one-on-one. We see things we may otherwise miss, hear things with fewer filters, and are more likely to experience moments of silence where we can be alone with our thoughts. 

All of this primes us for quantum leaps – by exploring and discovering new insights about ourselves, seeing possibilities we’ve never seen before, and taking solid steps toward who we aspire to be.


While a Personal Retreat Day can happen anywhere, I personally recommend our facilities located in the picturesque North Georgia mountains, near Blue Ridge.

The long-range views are beautiful and expansive, and the change in scenery – and routine – fosters an environment for growth.

It’s so easy to be trudging along, glued to our routines, while wishing for a new and different life.

When we make it a priority to disrupt our patterns, even for a day, we can gain a new awareness that makes all the difference in our path forward.

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