Small Group Retreat Day

A Small Group Retreat Day is a 5-hour session that is
focused on a specific topic, designed for up to 10 participants
– from informal groups to corporate teams.


Maximize Team Dynamics to Achieve Phenomenal Results

Lessons from Nature: Grapevines & Leadership

Lessons from Nature: Grapevines & Friendship

Why Small Groups?

Connecting is good for you
whether it’s connecting with nature
or with other humans.

When we focus on deepening our understanding of ourselves, nature,
or those we care about,
it naturally brings us closer.

This, combined with taking a break from our busy, sometimes overwhelming lives, opens us up more fully to perspective-broadening activities, new life-enhancing insights, along with feelings of
light-heartedness and a sense of play

The shared experience can strengthen bonds, shift patterns for interactions, and offer memories that last far beyond the day spent together.

Small groups or intact teams, made up of individuals who are interconnected with their Inner Trailblazer, naturally elevate and magnify their positive impact on each other as well as those within their sphere of influence.


While a Small Group Retreat Day can happen anywhere, I personally recommend our facilities located in the picturesque North Georgia mountains, near Blue Ridge.

The long-range views are beautiful and expansive, and the change in scenery – and routine – fosters an environment for connection.

We can easily get consumed by our daily personal commitments or work-day activities, and suddenly realize that we are longing for connection with nature or with others.

When we make it a priority to disrupt our patterns, even for a day, we can reconnect and perhaps begin to reevaluate what we want more of in our lives.

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